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Laser Rust Removal Gun Price

Laser rust removal guns are a very expensive way to remove rust. They are usually sold in sets of three and can cost as much as PS370,000 or $80,000 for a cheapest unit. More expensive units can reach as high as PS370,000 or $480,000 for a 1000W model. This article will discuss the different types of laser rust removal guns available on the market and what they can cost. Listed below are the most common types of laser rust removal guns available on the market.

A handheld laser rust removal gun is extremely versatile. Its power range can reach 2000 w, and it is equipped with an iris, galvanometer scanning assembly, and optics. These guns are also highly versatile and can be installed on a mechanical device to automatically complete a preset motion trajectory. They feature high precision and a large range of application, and they require low technical requirements and low labor intensity. Laser rust removal guns also feature a straight gun design that can respond to a variety of objects. In addition to their high-precision, they are lightweight, with the optics closed and shielded from the outside world.

Laser rust removal machines are available in a variety of configurations, and their prices depend on the number of features and capabilities they possess. Usually, a portable machine costs around $8800 while a 1500W handheld machine costs about $12,000 and a 2000W high power laser rust remover can cost up to $12,800. Obviously, a higher price will be associated with a higher power laser generator Celebrity biography

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