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How to Trade Cryptocurrency on Coinbase

When you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, you need to understand how the exchange works. Coinbase has two types of accounts: those used by institutional investors and those used by retail investors. If you use an institutional account, you should know what it is, but if you’re new to cryptocurrency, you can use your Coinbase account. Both options have similar features, and you can choose between them according to your needs.

To get started, you must first buy your cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. Once you have the cryptocurrency, you can then use the MetaMask web3 wallet to store it and trade it on the platform. The same process applies to Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. Make sure to keep an eye out for transaction fees though, because they can add up quickly. Once you’ve acquired your cryptocurrency, you can move on to Coinbase Pro and other exchanges. Once you’re familiar with Coinbase, you can try out other exchanges, such as Binance and Bittrex.

To sell your cryptocurrency on Coinbase, you’ll need to have a bank account. This is because Coinbase takes a portion of the transaction price. For instance, if you buy $500 worth of bitcoin, you’ll pay $7.34, and you’ll need at least 8 days to transfer the bitcoin. After you purchase the cryptocurrency, click the blue circle icon and choose which asset you want to sell. It’s as simple as that!

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