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How to Start a Research Paper

There are many ways to begin a research paper. Using a research paper outline will help you create a well-organized paper. Here are some tips:

The first step in writing a research paper introduction is to give the reader a brief background on the topic. Introduce the reader to the main topic and why it is relevant to their interests. In your introduction, you should also introduce your research question or problem and briefly discuss alternative approaches and solutions. If you’re writing a dissertation, you’ll likely include a separate chapter titled ‘Review of literature’, but you can also include an overview of existing work in the introduction.

When deciding on a topic, be sure to thoroughly review the research material you’re going to use in your paper. However, you should avoid copying or incorporating specific ideas from other sources unless you’re sure you have an original idea. It is much easier to copy an idea from a reference than to come up with your own. To do this, work from memory and look up specifics as you write, rather than plagiarizing your sources.

Writing an introduction can be frustrating, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think. As long as you’ve carefully thought about your topic, writing a strong introductory paragraph can be a breeze. Remember to include a hook statement, which is an interesting fact or quotation that draws readers’ interest and engages them enough to read further. In addition, you can incorporate humour and anecdotes into your writing for a little variety.

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