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Eco Friendly Bathroom Appliances

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly bathroom renovation, you can make your purchase by focusing on sustainable materials. Using glass, cork, bamboo, and porcelain are examples of materials that can be recycled or used again. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they will also hold their value over time. These environmentally friendly bathroom appliances may mean some up-front costs, but they will be worth it in the long run. Below are some eco-friendly bathroom appliances to consider.

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A composting toilet breaks down waste into soil, saving energy while conserving water. These systems use little to no water. Low-flow toilets also help cut down on water consumption. Underfloor heating is another environmentally friendly heating option for bathrooms, since it operates at a lower temperature than air-conditioning. Unlike air-conditioning, underfloor heating quickly heats a room and uses no electricity. Solar panels on the roof can even power your system.

To make your bathroom environmentally friendly, consider investing in a dual-flush toilet. These toilets conserve water while ensuring that solid waste is removed. Copper is also a renewable resource, and hand-carved stone sinks add a natural look to your bathroom. You can even find eco-friendly bathroom vanity designs online. For example, Etsy is the first major online shopping site to offset 100% of its carbon emissions. If you don’t want to buy an expensive sink, consider installing a water-efficient sink.

Another eco-friendly appliance you can consider is an aerator. You can install aerators on faucets and shower heads to reduce water usage. This device breaks up the water stream into streams, adding air between them. Aerators also reduce splashes and the volume of water flowing from faucets. These are just a few examples of environmentally-friendly bathroom appliances you can install to make your bathroom eco-friendly. These are just a few ideas to consider when remodeling or installing a new bathroom.

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