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Construction Project Cost Breakdown

The construction project cost breakdown has remained relatively stable over the years, although the methodology and sales price break-downs have varied. The construction cost breakdown sheet is used by contractors to determine the total cost of a project. It breaks down the costs into several categories, including materials, equipment, and employees. This information allows contractors to create a detailed estimate. The following are some guidelines to follow when creating a construction cost breakdown sheet. Read on to learn more.

The first step to determining the cost of construction is to gather historical data and talk to suppliers. Ask them for a sample cost breakdown. The best way to create a budget is to look at the construction project as a whole and understand the costs involved. Knowing how much each component of the construction project will cost can help you set a realistic budget and make the most of your budget. The construction project cost breakdown should include items that can vary significantly from one job to another, including materials and labor.

When calculating the cost of a construction project, you should also consider any possible contingencies that may affect the final price. Most construction projects involve some degree of uncertainty and contingencies are a good buffer. Contingencies are higher during the early phases of construction and decrease as the design is more defined. They can be anywhere from two to three percent of the total construction cost, depending on the project complexity. Also, don’t forget to include the costs of permits and financing, professional services, furnishings, and other costs you might incur along the way.

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