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Best Applicant Tracking Systems

Using an applicant tracking system (ATS) can speed up the hiring process by automating the processes of candidate screening, applicant tracking, and candidate management Imeetzu. It can also simplify the process of posting jobs to job boards. This will increase the reach of your job postings and increase your chances of attracting the right talent.

Some of the best ATSes are cloud-based, which makes them ideal for both mobile and web users. These systems have multiple integrations and are highly customizable Thedocweb. Workable, for example, is a well-known name in the ATS space, as it is enterprise-grade and can be accessed via mobile and web.

Greenhouse is one of the world’s most popular recruitment software providers and is listed near Workable on many best applicant tracking systems lists Mynewsport. It caters to enterprises as well as mid-sized companies, and integrates with a variety of HR tech vendors. It has similar features to Workable, but there are some differences. Greenhouse also offers onboarding and CRM solutions that can help companies reduce the burden of managing candidates Getinstagram.

A good applicant tracking system will also make it easier to review applications and communicate with applicants Koinsbook. With a quality system, you can also send automated recruiting emails and extend job offers to candidates. It will help you save time and reduce your cost of hiring.

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